Monday, January 26, 2015

Crafts Caturday & Purrzaar - 7 February 2015 Saturday


7 February 2015, Saturday 1pm to 7pm 

at Within studio (22 Rowell Road)

Cats Of The World organisers are holding a Crafts Caturday and Purrzaar on 7 February 2015, Saturday from 1pm to 7pm that is dedicated to all things catty and crafts. Held at new creative studio Within, visitors can expect an intimate selection of crafts vendors who are offering handmade merchandise from pottery and stationery to fashion accessories and DIY bloom jars. These will make purrfect keepsakes, as gifts for the upcoming Valentine’s Day or to usher in the Lunar New Year!  Vendors include With Every, Purrballs, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, Ozzy + Lulu, Daintyhands, and Whimsy and Magic. 

From 2pm to 7pm, With Every florist designers will be helping guests to assemble mini DIY bloom jars ($22 each) from the flower buffet to take home or as a gift for someone special.  From 3pm to 6pm, there will be two hourly hands-on workshops by local artists such as Mslatenightjam on making cat pom-poms ($45), and Gracie Chai on making hand-sewn cat-face cushions ($55). Seats for the workshops are limited and on a first-come-first-serve basis. For bookings of workshops, visit 

Purrzaar Vendors

CosmoKitty sling tote bags
Kitty feel-safe beanie pillow
Cats Of The World offers their CosmoKitty carry-all sling totes and handy pouches with beautiful cat motifs that can hold phones to make-up. Also making its debut are the Kitty Feel-safe Beanie Pillows designed for babies. These come in washable cheery covers, complete with kitty features and filled with bean husks. Each pillow has a unique purrsonality and will keep baby feeling safe and snug at nap times. Special introductory price of $38 at the Caturday Purrzaar (online orders are available at Visit instagram @catsoftheworldpurrzaar

Daintyhands - kitty cushions
Daintyhands offers animal-inspired accessories and gifts ranging from cushions to bags that would definitely bring a smile to your family members and friends. Visit

Ozzy + Lulu stationery
Ozzy + Lulu houses a range of paper paraphernalia and stationery, including books, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks, doodle books and plushies, most of which have been handcrafted with love! Visit and

Purrballs - mobile charms
Purrballs is an original series about a group of cats who eat, sleep, play and purrrrrr all day. They sell handcrafted purrchandise such as felt pins, mobile charms, can badges, tote bags and other accessories. Visit:

Thow Kwan Pottery Jungle - cat plates and wares
Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is founded in 1965 and has the oldest surviving dragon kiln in Singapore. It holds monthly pottery workshops for adults and kids, and carries a wide range of pottery wares from Asia. Stella Tan from this family business handmade multi-purpose wares that are inspired by her surroundings and cats. At the Purrzaar, expect a new range of cat plates, bowls, cups for Valentine’s Day and CNY! Prices range from $6 to $30. Visit:

Whimsy and Magic - CNY sheep earrings
Whimsy and Magic is about unique handmade artisan jewellery with designs that are inspired by nature and all things beautiful. Through their handmade items, they hope to bring the wonders of Mother Nature closer to one’s heart. Also expect intricate pieces with gorgeous cat and sheep motifs!

With Every - DIY bloom jars
With Every is a collective of flower lovers and designers, dedicated towards creating beautiful blooms for everyday and every occasion. The trio looks upon floristry as an art and dream to spread the love with flowers, to bring joy, beauty and creativity to everyone’s lives. They get inspired by anything and everything, from the simplicity of people, to the complexities of art, design and fashion. Visit | | @witheverybloom

Crafts Workshops

Cat Cushionista (7 Feb, 5pm to 6pm)
S$55 per person (min 4 to start, max 8 pax per class)
Learn from Gracie Chai how to design, hand-sew and stuff your own cuddly cat-face cushions using fabric, felt and thread. A template of a cat head will be provided too. Dimensions of the cat cushion are roughly 22cm x 20 cm; which will be easy to complete within the hour. 

Gracie Chai is a self-taught illustrator who's recently incorporated textile design and sewing into her field of work. She works from what she calls her "pretend-studio", which is essentially a corner of her bedroom. She believes in the satisfaction and sharing of all things handmade and made well; she hopes to pass on the joy of making (and receiving) something produced with heart, care and soul. Gracie also has a cat colleague named Lights, who's an exceptional catssistant. You can find her works at: and

Cat Pom Pom Power (7 Feb, 3pm to 4pm)
S$45 per person (min 4 to start, max 8 pax per class)
Learn how to make cute cat-shaped pom poms from yarn, which make lovely accessories for any cat lovers. Joycelyn will teach the various techniques, tips and tricks on fastening, trimming, colour combinations, layering, and finishing of a well-made pom pom. After which begin to embellish each one of them to bring out their special characteristics and purrrsonalise your cat pom poms!

Mslatenigtjam or Joycelyn Wong is a multi-disciplinary Singaporean creative who illustrates, draws and paints murals, enjoys various crafts, cooking and sharing meals with people. Finding beauty, truth and enjoyment in the everyday ordinance is her greatest pursuit in life. She graduated in 2005 with a Diploma in Visual Communication in Design from Temasek Polytechnic and has recently attained a degree from the prestigous Lasalle School of Fine Arts in 2014. Visit and

Within is a boutique creative studio space in the Little India enclave where guest instructors and speakers hold private workshops for invited guests to empower them on their creative learning journeys. It's a collaboration platform for sharing knowledge and empowering the creative spirit. A variety of workshops and classes can be tailored to suit corporate bonding needs and inspire kids' and adults' creativity for various occasions. 

There are many upcoming lifestyle workshops such as Numerology for couples and singles to coincide with Valentine's Day (11 February Wed). For bookings, visit Contact

For more assistance, please contact:
Carlyn Law at | 93623626


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