Monday, October 29, 2012

Cats Furever Yours

We visited the cats adoption drive at Light Of Life vet (Blk 740 Bedok Reservoir) in late October. Most of the cats were brought to the clinic for the day so people can interact with them and consider them for adoption. It was a tad stressful for them but these brave kitties did well and put on their best behaviour. Their ages and backgrounds vary. Each has a story to tell... if you care to listen and hear them purr. Please come forth and open your hearts and homes for these furballs. Email or for more details. Thank you.

Shy Crepe Suzette is less than a year old and has the most amazing orange eyes.
She is friendly but a little timid. Email for more details

David was a stray cat living at Lengkok Bahru area. Due to his sweet temperament, he was badly injured twice by other stray cats and now off the streets. He is a big tabby fellow and a very affectionate boy who wants your TLC. He gets along well with other cats, especially kittens who look to him as a surrogate dad.
He has won awards at a few cat contests, including Best Dressed Dracula (photo below -just kidding ;)
Estimated to be 7 to 8 years old, he is litter trained. He is FIV+ (which means he has a lower immune system) but FIV+ cats can live as long as normal cats if they are in a safe unstressful loving environment. Email to view and adopt him!

Emerald is 7 years old and a sweetheart. She has been left behind by her owner who passed away.
This purr machine is easy-going, friendly and good with other cats and kids. 
We are happy she has been ADOPTED! :)

Young sweet Lucie was found hungry wandering the streets, begging for food and hiding in the bushes. We brought her to the vet to inspect her missing right eye (which is fine) and also sterilised and vaccinated her. She is tested negative for FIV/ FELV. During her sterilisation, she was discovered to be in early stages of pregnancy and was aborted. She is a classic case of abandonment and left to fend for herself. She is young (about 3 years old), affectionate, easygoing and has very soft fur (due to her mixed breed). Her colouring is gorgeous - white, light coco brown and black striped markings.
She has been ADOPTED too :)

Mandala is a few months old, and active and playful as a kitty should be.
Won't you bring her home and play with her?

Regal Solomon is a handsome pure breed with a Russian blue shiny coat. 
Less than 1 year old, it is a very vocal and expressive kitty.
Call Light Of Life vet clinic at 6243 3282 for more details.

MoMo is only a few weeks old and he got a a great personality already. 
Who can resist him? Love love.

Dottie's 4 kittens are 8 weeks old - 2 girls and 2 boys. Balls of energy as kittens should be!
Lots of interest in them so there is careful screening to find the right adopter.

Stereo is a year and half, and is an affectionate, vocal, gentle sweet baby with beautiful markings 
and a perfectly long racoon tail with obvious grey stripes.
He prefers hugs to treats and likes to talk a lot hence the name Stereo. LOL. 
His home is currently a public carpark and void deck in Pasir Ris, and he likes to sleep on the bench and lets his trusted friends caress him. Please take him off the streets so he can be in a safe loving home.

Thank you and blessings.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

We did it again!

Yay we did it again! We raised $3,700 this year for Cat Welfare Society! BIG thanks to everyone who made this happen - from the sponsors and Purrzaar vendors to contributing photographers, literary contributors and all the kind supporters :D 

We hope to raise more next year but need to think of more ideas and avenues to encourage people to give and be part of this "Love Cats" movement. If you want to contribute your skills/talents at the next Purrzaar in August 2013, contact us at  You can be an artist and draw for free, or a fabulous home baker who wants to contribute cupcakes to sell, and all the money goes to CWS. Get the point? Good, let's dance!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Contributors of 2012

Thank you to these Contributing Photographers for COTW photo exhibition in 2012:

Alyssa Sbisa
Alyssa Sbisa currently studies and works from home, so an awful lot of time is spent with her two Birmans. The cats are both great company, yet highly distracting! A camera is always sitting around ready to capture their silliness. A world without cats would be nowhere near as amusing


Barffie loves the silly antics of cats and found great joy befriending the local cats wherever she travels to. She finds that nothing is quite as comforting as running her hand down the soft fur of a willing feline in a foreign land.

Carlyn Law

Chris Tan
Carlyn Law is a PR consultant by day and off duty, the unstoppable traveller is always on the prowl for good food, green pastures and cats around the globe. As organiser of ‘Cats Of The World’ and Purrzaar, the mamma to three cats is thrilled to share her love for cats and wishes more people will give them a loving furever home.

Chris Tan is a large furry thing who has fun taking photos of small furry things. His ideal pet would be a doglike cat: independent enough to be low-maintenance, but affectionate enough to sayang its owner.

Gavin Ge
Gavin Ge is a self-taught shutterbug who has developed a soft spot for old places and cats. Cats to him are a photogenic lot, not to mention being full of attitude and character.


Iris Ong
Iris Ong loves bringing her animals out to interesting places and photographing them whenever she can. The vegan is an avid believer of organic raw food diet for all animals and a (raw) vegan diet for humans in order for all living beings and the environment to not just survive, but thrive.

Jonathan Danker loves to take photos and finds peace in the natural world.

Jonathan Danker
Judy Ong and her husband didn’t like cats until one day her daughter brought home a kitten, Jarvis, from SPCA. Over the last 18 years, she is won over by more cats that came to stay - Ripley, Mimi, and Lola – who have shown them unconditional love, affection and companionship. Nowadays she also helps her daughter to feed the cats downstairs.

Katelyn Goh works in an international school which allows her to interact with people from all over the world. As owner of two cats, Meemi and Loki, she enjoys traveling. If there is a cat shelter located in the city that she is traveling to, she will definitely go and pay them a visit.

Ketan Shah
Ketan Shah is an amateur photographer who carries a camera everywhere. He finds that taking pictures of stray cats helps develop skills useful for any photographer as they force you to look in places people don't normally look, and to make quick shooting decisions.

Koh Mui Fong is a photojournalist and mother of two daughters who enjoys taking photos of stray cats. Ever since 2001 when she took a photo of two kittens that captured her heart, she has not stopped snapping photos of stray cats by using a DSLR camera and sometimes the mobile phone.

Lai Chan Foo
Lai Chan Foo is a retiree who took up photography in the 70’s. For the past four years, his interest is more focused on photographing the stray cats of Singapore. Walking on the streets to capture the images of felines also provides healthy exercise.

Leong Keng Cheong
Leong Keng Cheong is a cat-loving photography enthusiast who has been fascinated with this elegant animal for the longest time. A simple meow from the cat will just brighten up his day. He plans to keep one in the near future.


Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee loves to shoot the stray cats he meets and unsuspecting humans he knows - with his camera, of course. He has made friends with the feline guards patrolling his estate.

Mike Tan
Mike Tan is a freelance art director, and he and his wife, Lynn, love cats. They are living with three playful monsters: Jojo, Yoyo and Toto. The first two are adopted from cat shelters while Toto was rescued in a 2-metre deep drain. They love cats because they are self-sufficient, self-possessed and independent. Furthermore, they are great companion. 

Miss Choo

Miss Choo loves to experiment with photography, travel and listen to Britpop/Indie, and sometimes makes clothes for her cat, Moby. This first-time cat owner is inspired by Moby, and hopes his photos can bring smiles to other people.

Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee is a shutterbug whose self-taught photography bears testament to his love for animals. With his active involvement in animal welfare groups, it is clear that Nicholas’ work at Furry Photos is one of passion. Initially a dog person, the grace and attitude of cats slowly won him over.

Nin Tan
Nin Tan loves taking photos of her cats, catching them in action when they are in their most natural state. She grew up loving cats and was living with as many as 25 cats once, observing their antics. The cats gave her inspiration for Oatsie's Trunk - the lovely hand-drawn and sewn cat-inspired pillows and cushions. With the birth of baby Elly, she is handing down the cat-loving spirit to her adorable daughter.

Nur' Aisyahbi bte Ahmad
Nur’Aisyahbi bte Ahmad is a cat enthusiast who also is interested in photography. She combines both her passions and loves to take beautiful photos of cats. She treats cats with utmost passion and care, and believes that every cat has a different tale to tell.

Nur' Aisyahbi bte Ahmad

PC Tan, an art director of an graphic design firm, is a cat lover and always wanted to share the joy of life with cats. He loves his two precious cats in Malaysia and would like to deliver a message: MUST LOVE CATS!

PC Tan
Polly Yeung
Polly Yeung is an architectural designer with interests in photography, yoga and cats. She finds cats intelligent and a great source of inspiration and she considers it a privilege to be owned by a cat.

Renz Hu is a recent Photography & Digital Imaging graduate from the School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Apart from pursuing his career as a fine art artist, he also enjoys traveling and taking photographs of cats. Their mysterious and alluring charm never fail to attract him. 

Renz Hu
Sandy Heng
Sandy Heng is a cat-mama to pair of siblings, and a random snapper, of mostly of cats and places, and cats at places. Cats show the meaning of unbridled love, affections, playfulness, that never fail to bring a tinge of warmth to my heart.

Sylvia Chua
Sylvia Chua is a freelance photographer-cum-hobbyist. She loves to snap anything from Mother Nature. Shooting more for fun, her portfolio also covers events and concerts. “There’s always something interesting to shoot out there; it’s how you take it at the right moment that makes a picture speaks a thousand words.”

Tan Yih Chyi
Tan Yih Chyi's life took a 360-degree change when Siamese kitty Nutmeg turned up at her home one day. Initially uncertain of this energizer kitty, she was soon won over by its constant affection. Looking into his ocean blue eyes, she is mesmerized by that twinkle and tenderness. With a passion of photography, this quirky girl just loves taking pictures of her supermodel feline!

Yong Qian Hwee
Yong Qian Hwee believes in leaving the best photographs to chance. The window of opportunity lies in the happenstance of circumstances, and in his case, stray cats and their allure in the dark. The university undergraduate prefers taking photographs of animals more then humans and on some occasions takes pleasure in nightly walks with his DSLR.

Rebecca Ho
Rebecca Ho is a professional cat trapper-and-sitter. Her goal is to achieve zero stray on Singapore streets by sterilization as every cat deserves a loving home, away from abuse and accidents. She is enslaved by her four adopted cats whom she loves dearly.

Zhaoyuan Uchida loves travelling, animals and taking photographs. When these three loves happen at the same time, she gets wonderful pictures of animals around the world. She loves cats especially, and has two cats that are adopted from Cat Welfare Society’s adoption bulletin.

Zhaoyuan Uchida

*We’d also like to THANK these well-known cat lovers for their literary contributions!

Alfian SA’AT              
Irene ANG
GOH Boon Teck
TUNG Soo Hua
Alvin TAN (+Jarvis)
Karen TAN
Alvin TAN
MR and MRS Sabotage
BOB The Cat