Monday, July 13, 2009

COTW 2009 was a success!

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting COTW III at The Arts House - I can't believe it's over already! We had a blast and the turnout was great. Everyone loved the cat photos and bought many new cat magnets which bumped up this year's proceeds to S$1,334 (posted already to Cat Welfare Society for their wonderful catch-sterilise-release programme).

We still have many cat photos @ $50 each for sale if you want to do your part. I want to give a big thank you to our kind sponsors, all the 24 contributing photographers and supporters. Thanks for making it happen.

I'm also very happy that many people are very inspired after viewing the cat photos and will be on the prowl for cats so as to join next year where we'll be back at The Arts House for the whole month of June 2010. Although cats are such beautiful and photogenic subjects, it certainly takes a keen eye and quick reflex to capture them in their elements. But with practice and patience, I'm sure you'll be able to develop a talent for it!

If you haven't joined our new fan page on Facebook, please visit this link to view the whole collection:

Grazie mille!

**On a sad note, we just found out that one of the cats featured last year, Yum Yum, has just passed away and is in kitty paradiso now. He's the fat shy fellow shot napping on the bookshelf and will be greatly missed by his parents Sharon and Ben.

**The media coverage on 'Cats of The World 2009' has been excellent - thanks to our media friends, especially those who love cats! See some of the clippings below: