Wednesday, November 26, 2014

GODDESS PURRZAAR Festive Market at Kilo in December!

Catch the Goddess Purrzaar festive market 
in December at Kilo!

Date: 14 December 2014, Sunday
Time: 11am to 6pm  
Venue: Kilo, 66 Kampong Bugis, Level 2 and 8 
              (7mins walk from Lavender MRT)

Herald in a time of festive celebration at the Goddess Purrzaar market, where Cats of the World Purrzaar collaborates with Goddess Marketplace to bring you the very best of all things magical, feline-inspired and sacred.

Over 34 vendors are gathered together to offer a multi-dimensional pop-up retail experience at the trendy restaurant and lounge, Kilo. Head to the second floor where cat lovers can lap up the Purrzaar market brimming with cat-inspired artworks and wares, pet accessories and dietary needs, handmade jewellery and crafts, plus gourmet granola, nut butters, and Asian brews – all from local food purveyors, designers and artists. Palate Sensations culinary studio is also offering a spread of Spanish empanadas, savoury quiches and sweet tarts.

On the eighth floor, Goddess Marketplace has lined up a range of spiritual tools such as crystals, healing oils, sage and incense, to intuitive and artistic attunement classes, tarot and akashic readings. There will be fun Brazilian Samba demos, coupled with organic health delights and delish confectionary. So get on top of your Christmas shopping and New Year resolutions with these purrfect, divine gifts of love and light.

For more info on the Goddess Purrzaar, please visit the events page:

Directory of vendors below:

Cats Of The World Purrzaar Vendors

Amy Woo Ceramics
All ceramic items are 100% handmade by Amy with lots of love! Expect a pottery wonderland where cute little cats and bunnies jump and hop around in mugs and bowls. This Christmas, newly created panda mugs and a wide selection of cat brooches will be for sale too. Visit:

Dangerously glam, decidedly edgy, Bandit's line of handcrafted wrist bling and neck candy will add a little sparkle and whole lot of attitude to your wardrobe. Each piece is meticulously made with quality hardware, fine threads and embellishments sourced from all over the world. Prices start at $49. Custom pieces are also available. Visit: instagram @we_love_bandit

Cat Welfare Society
Grab their range of cute merchandise such as the new 2015 calendars, latest shirts, bags, books, and catnip toys for the kitties. There are also cats up for adoption at the market. Visit:

Cats Of The World
Lap up the cat postcards for sale, as well as limited-edition carry-all tote bags and hand-painted glasses with Cats and Christmas motifs.
Visit: instagram @catsoftheworldpurrzaar

Eastern Granola
Inspired by Southeast Asian flavours, Eastern Granola makes cereal with lots of tropical fruit and spices. Dig into five varieties: Original (mango, pineapple and nutmeg), Milo (chocolate-malt), 5Cs (curry, cashew, coconut, chili and chocolate), Thai Mango Salad (mango, peanuts, basil and fish sauce) and Eastern Muesli (sans added sugar and fat). Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg, and speckled with bits of candied orange peel and sour cherries, their Christmas Cake granola is a truly festive blend and even comes with a sachet of cognac-soaked currants.

GoNuts is set up by a Singaporean girl and Canadian guy with three demanding cats in Singapore. For them, healthy food is minimally processed. They have tried every nut butter available in Singapore, and were not satisfied with the taste, texture and quality, so they decided to make their own such as Classic Macadamia, Hazelnut Honey, and Cashew Ginger that use ingredients like organic ginger, wild honey, raw cocoa and even sugar/nitrate free bacon! 

GOOOD Pet Collars 
Grab these colourful and cute collars designed for cats and dogs. With every collar, GOOOD Pet Collars will donate 5 cans of cat food to their adopted animal shelter. Visit: 

Howlistic Life
At Howlistic Life, every pet product is 100% human grade. Not compromising on quality, its range including wild fish oils and colloidal silver are fit for human consumption. Howlistic Life believes that pets are part of the family and should be treated and fed with quality products. It is the proud Distributor of K9 Natural, Dom & Cleo Organics, Wildwash all natural skin and coat product line for pets, Feline Natural raw cat food made in NZ, and Dear Deer 100% natural and free-dried treats made from free-range grass-fed deers in NZ.

Momshoo is a mother-and-daughter crafting duo who design whimsical creations using traditional techniques of hand-sewing and knitting. Momshoo is all about handmade items that are unique and personal, very much like a home-made gift from a friend. For the Purrzaar, they will offer special festive-edition fish cat toys and canvas pouches, together with their wonderful range of cat pins, cat nap eye pillows and passport covers. Visit: 

Oatsie's Trunk
Expect a range of cuddly pet-shaped cushions which are hand-drawn to proportions before they are being cut and sewn. These one-of-its-kind customised dog and cat designs come complete with pretty ribbon collars and trinkets! There are also pretty purses, cushion covers, and tote bags in lovely fabrics. Visit: 

Palate Sensations
Culinary studio, Palate Sensations, is offering a range of gourmet baked goods and sweet treats specially at the Purrzaar. Executive Chef Ruth Mesonero will make her Spanish specialty, empanadas, as well as savoury quiches, potato tortilla, chocolate tart, and almond tarts. They are also handing out free cat-shaped cookies and $30 gift vouchers with every food purchase. Visit 

An illustrator and character designer based in Singapore, Puffingmuffin’s goofy creations are born from mindless doodles and inspired by anything, and everything. She explores the twisted — sometimes less than desirable — bond among quirky characters that are caught in whimsical worlds. Through her relatable work, she hopes to put a smile on everyone’s face. Look out for her accessories crafted/hand-painted with love, that includes stickers, badges, purses and customized greeting cards on the spot for the festive season. She will also be drawing portraits at the Purrzaar. Visit: / 

Art products like notebooks, wearable art, pouches etc are handmade from artworks of two local artists, Ng Ling Tze aka Tamaow and Terence Koh aka Sloth. Both artists have always enjoyed the company of cats and get inspired to interpret them in the artworks. Their services also include graphic design, pet portrait painting and mural painting commission.

Whimsy and Magic
Whimsy and Magic is all about unique handmade artisan jewelry with designs that are inspired by nature and all things beautiful around us (especially the floras and faunas). Through its handmade items, it hopes to bring the wonders of Mother Nature closer to one’s heart. /

Goddess Marketplace Vendors

Aurora Alchemy Healing Oils
Enjoy these sacred powerful healing potions that are packed with essential oils, crystals, flowers and herbs. These highly sought-after Goddess oils give an immediate energy boost to your body, mind and spirit. It’s perfect for the spirit of Gifting. Some of the house favourites can be found in handy 10ml bottles. Plus Happy Purrzaar day prices for regular 25ml bottles.

Crème Fraîche n' Pink
Expect delicious and divine homemade cupcakes and cookies that use the freshest ingredients without any preservatives or artificial flavouring. Baked and sold within 24 hours, the confectionary are sugar-coated with homemade reduced-sugar marshmallow fondant, and crowned with magical symbols and icons. Savour the divine unicorn and rainbow cupcakes at the market.

Cosset believes that clothes can be more than just looking good, it can help you to feel good too. Made with incredibly soft, luxurious and sustainable bamboo fabric, Cosset’s buildable basics are so versatile, you can wear them from work to working out, or from lounging to travelling. Plus this brand is about planetary consciousness as every time you shop, Cosset gives back 1% to the planet.

Full Circle Akashic Record Reading
Gain insight into the past as Tarra Tae from Full Circle SG takes one back to key pivotal moments in his/her Akashic Record, wherein lies the key to liberation and healing. As she works with your guides and Ascended Masters, you’ll be taken back safely into past core wounds, sending healing into the present and ultimately your future. Visit:     

Galactic Shields
Galactic Shields are individualized personal geomancy channeled from a Higher Dimension to align your physical, mental, emotional body and soul. This 3-D divine matrix and blueprint in the form of geometric grid shapes is a reflection of one’s personal Energy field and Cosmic DNA. It activates the individual’s portal beyond time and space to achieve optimum results in protection, healing, meditation and exploration of Light codes within.

Goddess Dividends
Goddess Dividends presents a bounty of goodies with wild-harvested white ceremonial sage, intimately-curated crystals, hand-crafted gratitude journals, sound healing tools and magical pouches. Expect more gifts, creativity and insights to open up by signing up for the artistic and intuitive attunement classes and workshops at Holyday Within.

Goddess Samba  
Ignite your sacred flame with the Brazilian Samba or Samba nó Pe - the perfect way to honour the fiery, passionate Goddess within. Feel and learn the pulsing Samba rhythm with Samba Goddesses, Farah and Nor, as they take you through a fun and liberating journey to health. Fusion classes, Goddess Samba Yoga and Vida Yoga are also available. Demonstrations will be held at certain times throughout the day. Visit:

La Luce
Home chef Cheryl will be whipping up some of her favourite family's culinary dishes such as garlic bread, mushroom soup and tiramisu. Purchase her delectable homemade garlic herb spreads – an ideal takeaway for the festive parties.

Pen International
Pick some of your favourite authors and magical oracles carried by Pen International. Among the best top-selling spiritual books, tarot and oracle decks, and CDs, shoppers will be able to pick up something life-changing for themselves, friends and loved ones.

Perfect Timing
From greeting cards to space clearing tools, Perfect Timing offers magical items that will help light up your path and colour it divine. Do come by to take a whiff of the sacred Palo Santo incense to ignite your senses. 

Sun Goddess Tarot
Looking for directions in your career or relationship?  End the year right and kickstart 2015 with an insightful reading with Joanna Ash who will be providing intuitive readings, combining multiple metaphysical modalities of Tarot and Numerology with her clairvoyance.  Her refreshing style aims to provide options for one to make the right choices and achieve the desired outcome.

SuperNatural brings you the best of Mother Earth's nourishing gifts for humanity. You’ll be able to pick up delicious superfood like organic Hempseed oil, raw organic honey and yummy Dukkah from Australia. It's time we eat to love ourselves. So get that SuperNatural glow and inside out beauty as you activate your self-healing power.

Designed for ease of wear, fun and adjustability, Stikk is a range of casual pants that are fastened by Velcro. The idea behind it is simple – pull it on, stick it down, and flip it over. It’s perfect for a day at the beach or hanging out at the pool, and great for expectant mums who are growing by the day and want to get around in light, comfy, and adjustable bottoms that will see them through their pregnancy.

For more assistance, please contact:
Carlyn Law / 9362 3626

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Cat Photography Workshop at Neko No Niwa Cat Cafe

Photo by Carlyn Law in Italy

Cats Of The World is pleased to organise our first Cat Photography Workshop 
at Singapore's first cat cafe, Neko No Niwa on 22 November Saturday! 
We had an intimate and fun session with 16 participants, as I (Carlyn) and our friend/ contributing photographer (Ketan) shared our experience, photo criteria and tips on capturing cats with the lens. 

The talk is focused on understanding our exhibition goals and what kind of cat photos we are looking for. Here's a quick run-down of what we talked abut:

·  HOW we started?
Our friends and I love photographing cats on our travels and we pooled together our pics in 2007 for a small exhibition. Now it has grown bigger and attracted over 10,000 visitors this year at the Arts House.  

· WHY we did it?
We want to use the exhibition to showcase the beauty of cats - and that they are such amazing creatures all over the world! We also want to raise awareness of our community cats, raise funds for Cat Welfare Society in Singapore and spread the love for cats.

· WHO can take part?
Anyone and everyone - who has an eye for capturing the beauty and quirks of cats! Now here's where our photo criteria comes in...

Photo by Ketan Shah in Singapore

Capturing a Cat’s Characteristics

What make cats unique? It's their characteristics, including their hunter instincts, predator's behaviour, curiosity, patience, independence, among others.   

Capturing the Purrsonality of that Cat

As cat owners and lovers, we know that every cat is different - just like every person is unique. A cat can be shy, brave, friendly, affectionate, naughty, haughty, funny, sad, etc - but there's no denying they are always cute!   

Showcasing the Country's Setting

Besides the cats as the subjects, we also want to showcase the country via its breathtaking scenery, seasons and people.  

Telling a Story via the Context

A picture speaks a thousand words. A really great picture does not need captions. Some of the best pics we have seen convey emotions, provoke thought, and offer humour. They also highlight the cats' roles in a society, in our community and their relationships with the people around them - from kids to the elderly. 

Quality of Photos

With the advanced smart phones and digital cameras these days, equipment doesn't really matter as long as you can get a clear quality shot to be printed into A4 size. The exhibition has featured beautiful shots taken by phones before (refer to the pic below). It’s about mastering your equipment.

TIPS on photographing cats!

*Be prepared
Applying what you understand about cat behaviour, be prepared when you see a cat on the street or at home. Be opportunistic and get your camera ready when it sneaks up on its prey, pounces, scuttle, jump, groom each other, etc. 

*Be smart
You will develop a sense about where to find cats, whether in Singapore or overseas. You can find them in back alleys, food centres, markets, temples, etc. Keep your eyes open and you'll find these 'invisible citizens' of the world. Rope in your travel companions to help look out for cats too.

*Be very patient
Now the role is reversed, you are the hunter and you have to stalk the cats, sometimes for a very long time before the purrfect shot comes along! Know how to win their trust and and make them feel comfortable. I once played with 2 gingers in Italy on the streets and they led me to a ledge and began playing and grooming each other for nearly an hour. That's when I got the right shot I was waiting for. 

Take risks...
Don't just settle for standard cute photos of cats - yes people love them! But try to frame the pictures in an unexpected angle, go for different moods and play with contrast and colours. The cats don't have to be big in the foreground, they can blend into the picture for an artistic feel. For our exhibition, we are always striving to balance artistic and cute pictures of cats. 

And remember to have fun! :)

OK here are the best shots of the cats from the participants at the cat cafe workshop. We have also posted these pictures on our and Instagram @catsoftheworldpurrzaar

By Jacqueline Chee
By Amy Hui
By Amy Hui
By Feeza Atiqa
By Feeza Atiqa
By Jacqueline Chee
By Joanne Teo
By Joanne Teo
By Lesley Chng
By Lesley Chng
By Jeanne Tan
By Lina Yong
By Lina Yong
By Lydia Juwita
By Lydia Juwita
By Megan Cheah
By Megan Cheah
Prabha Jayaraman
By Prabha Jayaraman
By Wong Tuck Meng

By Wong Tuck Meng