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Cats Of The World & Saturday Purrzaar Markets - August 2013

Get Into The Feline Frenzy
As ‘Cats of the World’ Photo Exhibition Returns For Its Seventh Season In August!
Also don’t miss the crowd favourite Saturday ‘Purrzaar’ Markets at The Arts House

Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition
Date: 1 to 29 August 2013
Time: 10am to 10pm
Saturday Purrzaar Market
Date: 3, 10 and 17 August 2013 (Saturdays only)
Time: 11am to 6pm
Venue for both events: The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane (Tel: 6332 6900)
Admission: FREE
For more info, Email sublime.carla@gmail.com | Call 9362 3626
Visit www.gattidelmondo.blogspot.com
or Facebook.com/Cats-Of-The-World-Photo-Exhibition

The highly anticipated annual ‘Cats of the World’ photo exhibition will delight both feline and photography fans alike with its seventh season this year. To be held at The Arts House from 1 to 29 August 2013, this non-profit community exhibition will feature photos of cats by aspiring and professional photographers that showcase these feline friends in their element – graceful, lazy, sneaky, aloof, loving etc, in unique settings around the world, including Singapore.
This year, the exhibition is introducing a new Instagram cat-egory, whereby phone camera enthusiasts can also partake in the fun process of cat photo sharing by hash-tagging their photos with #catsoftheworldphotoexhibition. Shortlisted shots will be printed and displayed during the exhibition too. To view all shots, follow CatsoftheWorldphotoexhibition on Instagram or visit http://instagram.com/catsoftheworldphotoexhibition The organisers remain committed to raising funds for Cat Welfare Society www.catwelfare.org (last year S$3,700 was raised) and using this community project to spread the love for cats.

Saturday Purrzaar Market – celebrating cats and craftsmanship!

3, 10 and 17 August 2013 (Saturdays) | 11am to 6pm | Free | The Arts House
Spend a wonderful Saturday at this fun lifestyle purrzaar to be held on the ground floor of The Arts House. This unique feline-themed flea market will offer a range of quirky cat-related lifestyle merchandise such as postcards, dolls, cushions, notebooks, tote bags, brooches, accessories and artwork lovingly made by local artists and designers. Due to its popularity, the purrzaar has attracted more vendors this year (18 to be exact), including Cat Welfare Society who will be selling their popular merchandise and available to answer cat-related queries. Sponsor FANCY FEAST® will also give away door gifts comprising their cat food products at the three Saturday Purrzaars (while stocks last). *More information on the vendors can be found below.

Saturday Purrzaar Market Vendors

Amy Woo Ceramics sells 100% handmade unique ceramic items including cat-shaped ceramic brooches and mugs with cat designs. The quirky artwork will brighten one’s day! Prices range from $10 to $50. http://amywooceramics.blogspot.sg
Cats of the World organisers are selling the cat photos, cat postcards and accessories. All proceeds from their stall go to Cat Welfare Society.  

Cat Welfare Society will sell their merchandise such as the tee-shirts, bags, books, toys and catnip eyeballs for the kitties! www.catwelfare.org
Dainty Hands offers all things sweet and pleasing to the eye from cake lollipops to satisfy the sweet tooth to kitty toys and potted grasses to pamper your furry feline friends. There are cute jewellery such as necklaces and rings, imported tote bags and pouches with sewn-on cat silhouettes. Prices start from $5. http://www.facebook.com/daintyhands 

Dulcetfig was borne out of a girl’s dream of yesteryears. It carries vintage clothes, bags and fashion accessories such as earrings and rings.

GOOOD Pet Collars was founded in 2010 by Chin out of love for animals. She aims to work hand in hand with like-minded individuals or groups to help animals meet their basic needs and live happily. The cat collars are colourful and cute in designs. With every collar, GOOOD Pet Collars will donate 5 cans of cat food to their adopted animal shelter. www.gooodpetcollars.com 
Library is a tote bag label celebrating the love for text and illustrations. Examples are T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s “Book of Practical Cats” and illustrations by Edward Gorey, William S. Burroughs’ “The Cat Inside” and Henry Beard’s “Zen for Cats”. The prints on these carry-all totes come in various finishes: Sunworshipper Gold, Antique Typewriter Bronze, Stardusted Black. Don’t miss the latest hand-dyed vibrant series. The colours are hand-mixed and silk-screened. www.facebook.com/pages/Library
MunchyNeko was formed by four cat owners who were brought together by their love for good food (MUNCHY!) and their Munchkin pet cats (NEKO!). Their cats' whimsical, sometimes totally unexplainable yet strangely endearing and heartwarming moments are now featured on postcards, magnets, tote bags, mugs or greeting cards, etc. Enjoyable as gifts and brilliant as keepsakes, these cat lovers hope to share these treasured moments with everyone. www.munchyneko.blogspot.com 
Momshoo offers hand-stitched and hand-knitted whimsical designs. All items are handmade with a personal touch. Creations include passport covers, knitted rings, key rings, cat’s toys, pouches and many cute brooches! www.facebook.com/momshoo 
My Grandma's Patchwork offers handmade doormats and coasters to spice up your home decor. Imagine having your cat laze on your favourite doormat, while you enjoy a cup of afternoon tea on a colourful coaster. Look out for our comfortable lifestyle products, be it for human or feline! We will have other lovely items for sale such as printed coasters and postcards of our favourite meows too! www.facebook.com/mygrandmaspatchwork
Oatsie's Trunk was started by a husband and wife team whose love for pets extends to little cuddly pet-shaped cushions. All original pet silhouettes are hand-drawn to proportions before they are being cut and sewn. These one-of-its-kind customised designs come complete with pretty ribbon collars and trinkets! Prices start from $55 for customised cushions and trinkets are $5 for 3. There are also purses, cushion covers, and tote bags. www.etsy.com/shop/oatsiestrunk 
Our Mama Store is a happy lifestyle store by two ladies who believe in injecting daily lives with simple pleasures. They source for interesting and useful lifestyle products such as coasters, pouches, stationery, etc. There are also lovely handmade items crafted by the owners themselves. www.ourmamastore.com 
Ozzy + Lulu is the brainchild of two sisters who share a love for design and stationery. The brand houses a range of paper paraphernalia and stationery, including books, greeting cards, postcards, bookmarks, doodle books and other pretty knick-knacks, most of which have been handcrafted with love! www.ozzylulu.com and facebook.com/ozzyandlulu 
repurposedbyjamie is all about the creative re-use of materials. Combining that with her adoration of cats, Jamie creates cat-themed toy sets and household items for this purrzaar. Each item is designed and handmade with lots of love and pride! www.flickr.com/photos/repurposedbyjamie/
SlothStudio's art products are handmade from drawings and paintings of two local artists, Ng Ling Tze and Terence Koh. They have always enjoyed the company of cats and get inspired to interpret them in their artworks. Handmade art products include A6-size notebooks, wearable art (pendants with chain, earrings & rings), zipper pouches and soft plush with keychain. www.slothstudio.com and http://www.facebook.com/slothstudio

StuffSusieMade offers a trove of amigurumi items, all of them hand-crocheted, knitted or sewn, and all of them super kawaii. Look out for the many plushies of felines like the ‘Goodnight Kitten’ who's wrapped up snug in his blanket, ‘Kitty Cupcake’ Magnets in adorable muffin cups, mini ‘Puss in Pouches’ that would brighten up anyone's day as well as various accessories for both you and your cat.  http://www.stuffsusiemade.blogspot.com

Wild celebrates nature with its all natural handmade soaps, shampoo and body care products made with herbs and essential oils without the use of artificial colours or fragrance. Some favourites include Geranium with Goat Milk & French Clay and Rosehip with Hibiscus moisturising serum and creme. Wild products are gentle and most importantly, made with love. www.wild.com.sg

More on Cats of The World Photo Exhibition
Since its inception in 2007, this endearing community project has garnered a following among cat lovers, photographers, travellers as well as families and children. It features photos from aspiring and professional photographers from all walks of life, illustrating that cats all over the world are the same - lovable and purrrrfect! Photographing cats is an art that requires patience and luck, hence this exhibition showcases the fun and often spontaneous works of photography enthusiasts and cat lovers. Over the years, the exhibition has also received great coverage and support from different media friends across television, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites.

Organisers Carlyn Law and Noelle Tan are both passionate about cats, photography and travelling, and started ‘Cats Of The World’ photo exhibition as a community pet project. The former journalists/editors, who also run Sixth Sense Communications & PR Consultancy, are inspired by the success of ‘Cats of the World’ and would like to give thanks to all the sponsors, partners, photographers and supporters involved in the project. Of course, the real heroes in this community project are the cats – each special in their own way all over the world. 

Sniff out more at:
Special thanks to:
- The Arts House www.theartshouse.com.sg (venue)
- Fancy Feast www.fancyfeast.com (door gifts)
- Purple Pixel www.purple-pixel.com (postcards)
- Scissors Paper Stone (printing photos)
- Material World www.materialworldsingapore.com (media partner)

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