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Contributing photographers to COTW 2009

Contributing Photographers Of “Cats Of The World III”

Alexandra Jen Wong is a student at ACS (Independent). Her favourite things include postcards and polaroids, the sound of the sea, and her typewriter. She longs for more drizzly days spent in the company of good books, as well as her two dogs and five cats.

Barnie Leow is a professional photographer and the main contributor to CWS’ cat photo book “The Real Singapore Cat” in 2005. Photographing stray cats started off as a hobby to capture the quirks and smirks of the many strays he encountered in Singapore. His works have earned international mention at the Lucie International Photography Awards.

Carlyn Law is a PR consultant and part-time photojournalist who longs for her own organic farm where her cats - Jarvis, Ripley and Mimi - can roam free. She dedicates this year’s exhibition to Uncle Anthony Yeo who passed away recently. He and his wife babysat her first adopted cat Jarvis (4 months old) while she and her sister convinced their parents that a cat was coming to stay for good. Jarvis is now 15 years old.

Cheoh Wee Keat is a student studying in London. He thinks that rocks and cats are the most beautiful things life has to offer, and that while both can be stroked, the latter is kinder to his hands. These two pet subjects are thankfully available in large abundance in Singapore.

Chew Li Sie loves cats since young. She currently has 3 cats that she absolutely adores. You can visit her cats’ photo gallery at

Denise Tan works with the Spanish Tourism Board and loves taking shots of cats from Spain to Singapore. She is always browsing on deviant art for inspiration and spends her time figuring out how to improve her photography. Her favourite test subject? Her ragdoll cat, Piper.

Eric Ng likes travelling but doesn’t travel nearly enough. He eschews tourist traps, preferring to go on foot exploring the back streets and glimpse at the way of life left relatively untouched by progress. In between trips, he freelances as an event and wedding day photographer.

Faith Tan is a walking paradox just as a cat is - aloof but playful, beautiful but bestial, independent but highly in need of attention. Amazingly, she's got Jekyll & Hyde living under the same roof in perfect harmony for 21 years now. She longs to travel around the world and is currently living part of that dream sailing down Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia!

Goh Yam Guan is a full time IT professional, who found his passion in photography 6 years ago. He enjoys travelling and photography and loves to mingle with animals.

Heinz Gebhardt came across this exhibition by chance. In his life, cats and cameras always go together. Cats of all types have lived in his house and watched over him. With photography, he discovered his talent and passion, shooting beautiful pictures of his hometown, Munich Germany.

Janalin Tan and Terence Koh dote on their Manja and will do anything to make their FIV+ kitty comfy and happy. It is their lifelong dream to open a cat sanctuary and take in all stray, abandoned and sickly cats, with a special hospice section for felines with incurable diseases.

Jeremy Gopalan has been known to stop in his tracks each time he spots a cat, wherever he may be or whatever he may be doing, to meow at it. He doesn’t know what he might actually be saying in meow language, but figures it can’t be anything too rude as the cats often respond. His friends are occasionally amused but usually bewildered.

Ketan Shah took up photography as a hobby 4 years ago .He loves the challenge of photographing stray cats as they force you to look in places people don't normally look and to make quick shooting decisions - great skills to have for all kinds of photography.

Koh Zhisheng is a research assistant at NUS Department of Psychology. Photography is one source of expression to him and to look at and understand the world. Sadly, that is insufficient to understand cats’ behaviour, and so he will be turning to Google in the next 5 minutes.

Lawrence Liu is a student at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. His passion lies in photographing moments that will bring a smile to the faces of the public. Being a cat lover himself, he often plays with stray cats and takes pictures of them. He hopes to have a dog and a cat staying with him in his dream home some day.

Lee Yan Leong has always enjoyed photography and spends most of his free time out in the fields doing nature macro-photography. Being a cat lover, he wishes to capture the beauty and natural moments of cats. He will always carry his camera wherever he goes to shoot cats.

Lucinda Law adopted Jarvis, the handsomest tuxedo cat 15 years ago that made her and her sister adore cats forever. Today, she is very happy to see one of the countless photographs of her muse on show and is continuing her efforts in persuading him to live until 30 or be immortal.

Ng Ling Tze is a full-time artist who loves to paint cats and enjoy the company of cats. She fell in love with them when she met her first cat, Ban Ban, at a friend’s house in 2002. She loves cats for their elusive and endlessly fascinating personalities. Her cat drawings and paintings are on sale at Barang Barang, Cat Socrates and The Shop at Art House. Visit

Noelle Tan is a cat lover who sadly does not own a cat - yet. That will soon change hopefully as she continues to appreciate the intrinsic elegant beauty of the feline species. This PR consultant enjoys photography, cooking and travelling.

Peter A. Robertson is an Australian karate instructor by profession and just arrived in Singapore in February to be with his new wife Veronica. He loves taking pictures and Veronica has him interested now in capturing the strays under his block, who are now getting used to seeing this ‘ang moh’ with his camera in ‘their’ neighborhood.

Rebecca Ho fell in love with the feline species as a child. She remembers her childhood living with her maternal grandmother, whose neighbour owns a mini-zoo at the 17th storey of a HDB block. Of the animals kept, she befriended a pretty calico which unfortunately took a fatal plunge.

Tan Chek Wee is a doctor who is part of a team of health care givers who care for the elderly in the community (community geriatrics) and also people who are reaching the end of their lives in their homes (hospice home care), and who believes that all sentient beings are interconnected like the web of a spider.

Vanessa Sng is a fashion design student from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts who spends her free time looking for cats to befriend. She wishes she could just keep one special kitty, but that idea has sadly been shelved due to a factor called “Mom”. Other than kitties, she enjoys shooting fashion portraits in her free time.

Zhao Gang is a Chinese national working as an engineer with Volvo in Italy while studying the Italian language and appreciating the finer things of the Italian culture. He is primary a dog lover and misses his dogs in China but decides to submit his cat photo for the exhibition.

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