Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Cats Of The World" On FaceBook

Ciao! The photo exhibition has sadly come to an end last weekend. Funnily we took so long to put it together and so fast it's over! That's why the organisers have decided to make it at least 3 weeks next year (tentatively in June). We are currently sourcing for venues and sponsors for more whacky framing / presentation ideas, so do contact us if you have any input!

On a happy note, we sold another cat photo to a Canadian reporter as we were taking down the photos. According to the Arts House, visitorship for 'Cats' has been high, and they saw people just coming in for the exhibition (yay!). And many of you have given us a lot of encouragement (thank you) so we're definitely pushing on with a stronger show next year.

To encourage greater accessibility to 'Cats', we have created a Group called "Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition" on FaceBook so do join us as a member! All the 40 photos are also put up on this platform so do view them online if you haven't been to the exhibition and would like to buy a photo for just $50 (hint hint)! Ta ;)

P.S: That's my tuxedo cat Jarvis in the photo if you're wondering.

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